Back To The Future

This time of year it’s a great idea to make sure that you did not accidentally enter slips dated in the future (i.e. December 2012).  It is possible when “catching up” in the early part of January, that you may have neglected to enter the year in the slip entry of Timeslips and, in an effort to be helpful, Timeslips has automatically entered the current year for you. Other times the user has a typo in the year. The big problem is that when you generate invoices or reports and have a cut-off date these entries will not be included until they match the date!

Here is the easiest way to test this:

1) Go to Show Slips (or Slips/Time and Expense Slips from the menu bar)

2) Choose View By “Date”.

3) Make sure that you do not have any other criteria selected (next to Selection it should read ALL, if not, click on the Selection Button and clear out any criteria)

4) Enter TOMORROW’s date in the start date, and leave the end date Blank.

Once you update the list, you should have no slip entries on the screen.

Let us know if you find any!