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An Overview of “Document Access” in Timeslips 2012 or Higher

The billing process for many firms today includes more than the typical time entry input, edits, and invoice generation.  Many firms are being required to attach copies of receipts and individualized billing approval authorizations to their invoices.  A systematic procedure has to be implemented in order to track client documents and invoice attachments.  Timeslips addresses the need to track these documents in version 2012 and higher using a feature called, “Document Access.”  The feature automatically creates a document folder for each Timeslips client.  You can store documents such as scanned receipts, digital copies, and/or PDF generated bills and statements in these folders.


You will find the preference settings for this feature under the Setup menu and then by choosing “Document Locations.”  The default setting for folder placement can be changed per your specifications (see below).

You can use any name you wish for each Client Folder, other than the one generated by default based on the Timeslips nickname.  In the example below a folder has been modified by using the designation, “OH Mediation.”  (Note, if you later change the name of the client folder again, a new folder will be generated and the old one will remain.)

Should you wish, you have the ability to designate that PDF generated bills and statements be automatically saved to subfolders within your Client Folders.


Reviewing any associated client documents and/or documents saved in the Client Folders is easy to do.  From the Client Information dialog box, click on the file cabinet icon at the right.   This will open the Document Shortcuts dialog box.  Highlight the document or folder you wish to view, then click the green arrow at the top right to activate your selection.  (Note: Shortcuts can also be viewed from the Client List dialog box by highlighting the client, right clicking, and choosing “view documents.” )



There are a couple ways a slip attachment can be designated to print during a bill run.  First, a document can be designated to print with the client’s bill directly from the Slip Entry dialog box.  From the bottom portion of the slip entry (within the Attachment section), designate the location of the file to be attached and check the “Include attachment on bill” box as shown below.

Second, an attachment can be selected for bill attachment from the Document Shortcuts dialog box.  This is done by highlighting the document, and choosing to open the File Link Entry dialog box using the open file icon to the upper right (see below).  Then, a check must be placed in the “include attachment with bill” check box.

Whether you are attaching receipts, printing PDF bills or statements, or just have a need to associate a digital file with a Timeslips client, the process of attaching, managing, and printing documents becomes organized and easily accessible with the Document Access feature.



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